Every child is an artist – pablo picasso


My eldest loves drawing.  Every morning, she sits at the table with paper and pens, and draws and draws and draws.  Which is great, but it does mean that we have endless pictures lying around! Our solution is to have a few ‘galleries’ around the house, as well as a folder for storing the best of the selection.



the original home gallery – the fridge


Every family seems to have a fridge gallery, and personally, I love seeing the riot of colour in the ktichen.  

Magnets are the obvious choice to create the gallery.  I have used sticky-baked magnetic tape for the past few years.  I snip off a few centimetres of tape, stick it to the back of the picture, and hey presto, the picture sticks to the fridge.  

With a bit of hunting, you can also find sheets of magnetic paper your kid can draw straight onto, then cut around.  Flying Tiger almost always sells them. My daughter was in a monochromatic abstract mood last time she used it!

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hanging art 


Command hooks are your friend!  I have two clear command hooks hanging either side of our fireplace, with some wrapping tape hanging between the hooks.  Add in some mini clips, and you can hang the latest art work there, and rotate (and bin!) as needed.

I’ve chosen to hang it at my daughter’s height, so she has some control over it, and she can see her work.  

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make your own frames


Take some empty cardboard boxes, and cut out your own frames.  You can create 3D box frames or flat frames. Packaging cardboard is really easy to cut with scissors or a knife.

Hand over to your child, along with their art supplies, and let their imagination go free!  You’ll find that they’ll create art with the frames, as well as art within!

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create your own gallery

Using the frames your children just made, stick them up with white tack, and hey presto, you have an instant gallery.

Once the gallery has been set up, pretend you are visitors at a gallery and view each piece with your child.  There are questions in the download to use as prompts, as well as frames to colour in and cut out.

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